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I share this picture and poem of where I was to hopefully help anyone who is in despair.  We can change our energy and continue to move forward.  It has helped many to see what energy looks like so they can begin the process of healing. 

We have lost

I began to shiver.  The hungry wolves are circling closer to our campfire.  Earlier the flames were bright and lively, crackling, sizzling, and lighting up our limited space.  We even had a couple of extra logs to give us a sense of security, false as it was.  My fearful eyes focus on the wolves.  They never seem to grow weary of their circling.  Their eyes have a hunger that we can sense more than see.  As our fire grows dimmer, their circle grows smaller, inch by inch.  We are so tired of playing this game, but know there is no way out.  We have to finish it to the end.  What's that?  My whole body is electrified on alert!  Did I hear a sound?  No, there was no sound, no sound at all.  I heard the silence.  The fire has gone out!  The circling has stopped!  The wolves are here salivating.  I raise my head to face my future and look directly into the eyes of their leader.  The game is over.  We have lost.