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"From the gift of Shirley Culver’s unique talent, I have been able to get a snapshot of the  energies or forces at work upon and within me as well as in my personal and professional relationships. Having had Shirley produce many drawings over time has been especially helpful to depict various cuts or takes on the changes in my energies. From these drawings, and working in conjunction with a trusted counselor, I have experienced many breakthroughs in areas that I didn’t know that I didn’t know blocks existed in my life. Thus, the clarity gained from Shirley’s drawings has help to move me to a place of greater peace, love, and understanding." - Ralph

"Thank you for being the gift you are to this world" - Jerilynne

"I really got a lot out of this experience.  It has been very, very powerful in my healing process" - Deb

"I cannot believe the information that you sent!!!  You truly hit the nail square on top of the head" - Julie

"It is always delightful to connect with you and your grounded, benevolent energy" - Lori

"Thank you so much for your assistance last week!  I felt so much better when I left - like I was my old self again!  A huge weight was lifted.  I guess I didn't realize how bad I had felt until I was sitting in front of you crying!  That was a life-saving reading for me."  Jennifer

"Shirley, you OPENED my mind!  Which is a very good thing!  My time with you gave me extraordinary confidence in myself!  Another really good thing.  Thanks for teaching me, so I can help others.  The energy is flowing, alive and well!  Finding you, and getting to know you has been a Blessing in my life!"  - MariLouise Mennen, Alternative Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Dir., Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Coach, Sedona, AZ