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When a TV set is off we can't see a picture even though the energy patterns of these pictures are always immediately available.  When we turn the set on, we can then see the picture.

Our body energy works in much the same manner.  The energy patterns are always there and with the help of an Energy Reader, we all can all learn how to turn our own body's TV set on and see energy.

Many practitioners, such as massage therapits, healers, etc., use these pictures as road maps to each client they work with.  It helps to show them what is going on in the body and emotional fields. 

Energy patterns can become blocked or show up in an uneven flow.  In some instances energy can be completely absent.  As humans we tend to give away too much energy or take in energy from others. 

These drawing can show you the energy patterns throughout your body and can be interpreted to help with your own roadmap and move the enrgy patterns into a positive flow.